We also produce a variety of other high quality specialist films.

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​Some of the specialised products we offer:

Micro Perforated Film- Creates a breathable barrier.

Biodegradable Film- Breaks down with exposure to sunlight.

Scented – Films and bags will be scented with a scent specified by you.

UVI- Plastics materials can be susceptible to damage by the action of UV radiation. Sunlight is a powerful source of UV radiation and any bags or films that are required to spend extended periods outdoors as part of their service life will need protecting against this harmful degradation.

Flame retardant- Flame retardant materials are obligatory in a vast range of applications, from building and construction products, household and electrical appliances, automotive and aeronautical components, cabling materials and furnishings.

Printed films/bags- Bags and films can be printed for maximum impact and brand recognition.

​Colour/ tint/ opaque bag or film options- There are many colours to choose from and we can also colour match to your sample to ensure the colour is exactly what you require.

If you require protection for your products without the packaging fusing, you require non fusion pallet covers and top sheets. Non fusion material will ensure that the pallet covers or top sheets don’t shrink or fuse to your product during the shrink process.

All products across our entire product range can be produced using recycled material or our own SuperMax blend. This will give you the same strength and performance but will be more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

SuperMax Blend

To help you decrease your carbon footprint we have invented and introduced our new SuperMax blend.

ASK have created a new mixture of materials to give you maximum strength for the lowest price.

With our own blend developed by ASK employees who have extensive knowledge of Polymers, we can provide you with high tensile strength film at a reduced cost.

Almost all of our products can be made in our new SuperMax blend. You will surely find something to suit you.

​You will see instant savings by switching to our SuperMax blend.

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