Shrink Polythene

Collation Shrink Films

Shrink film is the ideal solution if you are looking for cost effective, efficient and a versatile way to protect your product whether it’s in storage or transit.

Through research and development, we are constantly improving our ranges to ensure we make our film lighter,

clearer, and stronger to use.

The main features of our collation shrink film are:

  • Our collation shrink film contacts with force as it cools, this gives stability and ensures the product is packed tightly.
  • Excellent pack handling due to high tear resistance.
  • Puncture resistance, makes handling easier and packing more efficient.
  • Shrink pallet hoods

Shrink Pallet Hoods

We offer a cost effective way of protecting your products all year round. Using our shrink pallet covers you can utilise outdoor storage facilities by using shrink pallet covers to protect your goods. Not only does this protect against wind and rain but also special UV additives will protect against sun damage.
perforations will allow for good air flow and for moisture to escape.

Key features include:

  • Gusseted or centre-folded hoods perforated on a roll for ease of handling and improved storage.
  • Option for hoods to be perforated with punch holes or micro-perforations to create a breathable package by allowing moisture to escape.
  • Ask’s Shrink Pallet Covers can be printed in multiple colours and are used in a wide range of market sectors including the chemical, brick and roof tile, engineering and glass bottle industries.

General Shrink Wraps

Primarily used in single-wound, centre-fold and multi-fold formats, Ask Plastics manufacture high quality, heavy duty Shrink Films suitable for manual or automated applications.

Our strict manufacturing process ensures that any heat is evenly dispersed throughout the film, leading to optimal shrink performance for our customers.

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