Greener Options

Here at ASK we care about the environment, that is why anything that can be recycled, will be and is recycled. Everything from plastics cups, shredded paper, boxes, cores and even polythene its self is recycled and reused in our processes.

Please ask our helpful sales team about our biodegradable and fully recycled products.

SuperMax Blend

To help you decrease your carbon footprint we have invented and introduced our new SuperMax blend. ASK have created a new mixture of materials to give you max strength for the lowest price.
With our own blend developed by ASK employees who have extensive knowledge of Polymers, we can provide you with high tensile strength film at a reduced cost.
You will see instant savings by switching to our SuperMax blend. Please ask sales staff for more details.

We are passionate about protecting and preserving the environment and feel that we need to make a difference and help in sustaining the environment we live in.

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