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Mulch films

Mulch film is used as a cost effective way to cover and protect crops to enhance and assist healthy growth.

Mulch Film has a number of advantages leading to strong healthy plants, the benefits Mulch film offers are as follows:

  • Mulch film keeps the product clean and dry, reducing crop damage.
  • Evaporation is reduced and moisture locked in.
  • Transparent mulch film encourages early plant growth and early cropping
  • Black mulch films keep soil warm through heat retention and controls weed growth by blocking out sunlight.
  • Mulch films have been the preferred way to protect crops since the 1950’s.

Green house film

Greenhouse films are used for lining and cladding purposes.

These offer many benefits to assist growing. The benefits are:

  • Crops are protected from harmful impact of UV rays.
  • Create a consistent climate and increase efficiency by reducing heat leakage.
  • Resist fogging due to condensation of internal moisture which can be detrimental to crops.

Green house films for floor covering give the following benefits:

  • The highly reflective white property maximises the light entering.
  • Effective weed suppression as light cannot penetrate its dense nature.
  • Assist with debris removal at the end of harvest.

Black carrot polythene

Our black carrot polythene allows the harvesting of UK grown carrots. It is used along side straw to offer protection to young crops. This dense black polythene protects the young crops from the elements during the winter months; this ensures the carrots are in prime condition to be harvested at the end of spring.

A few benefits of our black carrot polythene are:

  • Protects carrots from winter frost.
  • UV resistant- this prevents breaking of the film, which enables it to be removed quickly and fuss free.
  • Made using the finest quality materials ensuring stretch and strength.

Its main benefits are:

  • Protects carrots from winter frost.
  • UV Resistant to prevent breaking which enables quick and cost effective removal.
  • Made using quality raw materials ensuring superior stretch to allow harvesting of UK carrots as and when the market demands.

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